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Deen Squad Records inc (C) 2016 - Karter Zaher & Jae Deen performing believer

When I need inspiration
My one solution is my wife, she's amazin'
Yeah yeah
She is always making prayer, her arms in the air
All these others sisters pretty but I don't really care
They say, 'Do you believe me? Do you think it's easy being Muslim in the city'
I'm Like 'No my Habibti cause'

Oh I think that I found myself a believer
She is always right there making prayer  X2

Yo, I think I found one
Not about that income but that outcome
Keeping it Halal like Maher Zain album
MaSha'Allah she loves where My styles from

I swear to God I love her, Ana Ba'haba
You can open up my heart like a Fat'ha
Yeah, and I really do miss you
I had to put the Shadda

She's my believer Diva
Seen her gorgeous smile made me soft like Pitas
We the sweetest, we can share the deepest secrets
Such uniqueness, it got me saying

Oh I think that I found myself a believer
She is always right there making prayer (×4)

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