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Sami Yusuf || Wherever You Are

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Shot in California, Wherever You Are is a masterfully composed single, sung in three different languages, English, Farsi and Arabic. Like its predecessors, Wherever You Are holds a special charm and splendor.


Music by Sami Yusuf
English words by Sami Yusuf
Arabic words by Abdul Rahman Yusuf
Produced by Sami Yusuf


My best times
Were when I felt close to you
But everything fell apart
The moment I strayed from you
In each smile
In every single sigh
Every minute detail
Traces of you are found there

Wherever you are I'll find you
Cause you're the one I turn to
Wherever you be I'll be with you
Cause you're the one my heart is to
I need you

Zamanul-ghareeb qaleelu-ssakan
The time of the stranger sees [less a peaceful] dwelling

Wa laylul-waheed katheeru-shajan
And the night of the lonely is filled with sobbing

Wa haiyythu takoon, sawfa aati
Wherever you are i'll (be) find you

Li'anaka anta ikhtiyyaru hayati
'Cause you are the will of my life

Wa haiyythu tureed wujoodi yajoodu
Wherever you are, my existence is found

fa'nta kalami inda sukati
For you are my words when i'm silent

Ya raja'i
O my hope

Wa haiyythu takoon
Wherever you are

Wa haiyythu tureed
Wherever you desire, i will go

Ilaiyyka taseeru-dduroob
To you the pathways flee

Wa antal-ba'eedul-qareeb
You are far but close

Wa antal-ghareebul-habeeb
You are the stranger and the beloved

Ara feeka noor annahar
I see in you the light of the day

Haneenan li ta'mi-ddiyyar
Longing for that sense of home

Haiyythu takoon
Wherever you are

Wa anta shifahun tuneeru layali
You're the light that brightens the nights

Ka'anaka ibtisamul-watan
As if you were the smile of the land

Wa anta jamalun ala baiyyti shi'rin
And you are the beauty in a poem

Yuradiduhu-nnasu abra-zzaman
That mankind sings throughout time

Ala kalimatin minka dhaba ightirabi
A word from you soothed my exile

Wa ansa bisawtika kulla adhabi
With your voice i forget my anguish

Wa haiyythuma takoon
Wherever you are

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